bio and background

Tim S Brown

Tim S Brown

Transmodern Associates® is a multi disciplinary media group led by Tim S. Brown of Kansas City, most often as Project Manager and Creative Director.

Tim S. Brown studied Art, Design and English at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. During that time worked with Sam Gilliam and Conrad Atkinson in the College of Fine Arts, also Richard Schoenwald and Ronald Judy in Humanities Department. Graduated Bachelor Fine Arts in 1992, moved back to Kansas City 1993.

Work Experience
Four years in Packaging Department at Hallmark Cards, Kansas City
Two years in Creative Media Services at Sprint, Overland Park, Kansas
Eight years as Graphic Designer / Advertising Manager at Monosem Group - John Deere in Edwardsville, Kansas
Twenty years as Project Manager at Telephonebooth®, Kansas City
Ten years as Graphic Designer / Typographer at Winka Press, Kansas City

Successful projects delivered include extensive graphic design and web / front-end design for advertising, logotypes, typography, new product development, e-commerce websites, product literature, press releases, media policies, marketing plans, multi-regional media plans, motion graphics, video, social media advertising, adwords advertising, etc.